Vintage Tablecloths-Upcycled

Updated: May 15

There's something so fresh about the bright patterns of tablecloths from the 40's and 50's! I have always loved them. My grandmother use to have her "club" at her house and would set up tables with these types of floral tablecloths to have the ladies over to play bridge. It always looked so pretty!

These days our lifestyle is different and even though I like to use a tablecloth once in awhile most would choose not to for time sake. But just look at that beautiful design!

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What can be done with these beauties from the past and how can they be used in a different way?

Well, I spent some time on Pinterest and found talented people who have repurposed these gems into amazing things to give them another life and I'm sharing their ideas along with where you can find them today!

First, I loved the way these pillows were made using the strawberry pattern but also adding a coordinating pattern to go with it and love the fun pom pom trim!

Because these tablecloths are made out of heavy cotton or cotton blends they will be washable and wear like iron (as mom use to say).

You may want to check this site out for ideas on how she went about making these pillows.

Next, who doesn't love a nice sturdy tote! This one is obviously lined with a cute polka dot fabric and they added a closure with button. Coordinating fabric on the sides and red rick rack trim. So cute and creative!

Again, the fabric from these tablecloths are always very sturdy. I guess that's why they are still so many around for us to enjoy and use to repurpose.

This is the same site as the pillows

I absolutely love how they did these upcycled handbags from vintage tablecloths! Someone is very creative and design savvy!

I would use these. Wouldn't you?

How fresh and summery! I'm sure they are lined.

One thing to remember when using these vintage tablecloths. There is a lot of fabric! So you can make multiples out of one piece!

Check them out.

I have to say that during Christmas and Easter I love to wear aprons while baking cookies or putting a big meal together. Why not look pretty while you're at it?

Again, nothing beats these vintage floral patterns in bright colors to make you feel like you should earn "kiss the cook!"

I tend to wipe my hands on my apron during baking so it really needs to go in the wash after. Well, these vintage fabrics wash up great so there's no need to be worried about delicate cycle or whether you can tumble dry.

Very maintenance free!

Stop by her site to take a look.

This next example amazed me! They did a large cushion for the porch swing in a vintage tablecloth and then did pillows in all different vintage tablecloths. Love the look! Makes me want to pour a glass of lemonade and sit for awhile!

This last one is easy and many of you may have already done this. We love the clips for curtains, don't we?

You could do just a valance or a full window but either way using these fresh vintage patterns it will give your room a great new look!

Check this site out as well and let me know if you have done something with vintage tablecloths or because of this blog you decided to try!

And remember, I have listed several vintage tablecloths on my online shop. All the details are there along with pricing and ordering as well as FREE SHIPPING!

Thanks again for spending time with me!


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