Three Shelf Re-Do

Updated: May 8

Sometimes starting with a blank slate in decorating can seem like a daunting task. Where to start? What to use? How to arrange?

Here are three floating shelves with a chest underneath.

Collections are one of my favorite decorating items. The repetition adds interest especially when they are all one color. I'm going to add my favorite pitcher collection first. And a pair of corbels behind for interest.

Next, let's add some vintage books, an old photo and FYI this photo is my dad's basic training in Brigham city, Utah during WWII. He's in the front row. It's special to me. Then some vintage items.

Next, I'm adding more books, special family photos, a new metal pitcher which btw can be purchased on our new website at

Now for the top of the chest.....repeating more of the same. Books, an old camera, vintage phone, a cloche full of old empty spools. Tuck some greenery in here and there for added texture.

Look at this! a very warm collected look that be can be changed up any time for a fresh new look!

Happy Decorating!


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