The Big Wallpaper Caper

Updated: May 8

After two weeks of searching and finding the right patterned wallpaper I took the plunge and ordered enough to do one wall in our kitchen. I had seen this pattern here and there and found out it was a Scandinavian style. Was that me? I wasn't sure but every single day I got online and looked at it and finally deciding that I needed something fresh to update the kitchen and a bit modern, too. I love the graphics of this. When I found it online in several places it came in six different colors. I had my heart set on a pale gray. But by the time I had mustered enough courage to order it was no longer available!! He who hesitates, right? So....this was my next choice and I ended up happy about it!

The best thing about this paper was that it was removable! Yes, that's right! I could put it up and then if I was sick of it down the road just tear it off. My husband didn't want anything to do with helping. In fact, he tried talking me out of it! Too many wallpaper jobs in the past has left him with a bad taste for it. That was fine though because our daughter is here during the shelter in time and she said she would help AND she had done a wall in her apartment with the removable paper then decided to move and we pulled that off in no time with no damage to the wall. I was ready to roll!

It took a week for the wallpaper to get here. I was all set with all the tools needed and had read up on applying removable wallpaper. As I opened the box I was excited and loving the color. Holding it up to the wall, envisioning it up there.....BUT WAIT!! The label did not say removable! I had ordered regular wallpaper. The kind you had to apply paste to! How many times had I gone online and looked? Oh no! One of the reasons I was okay with putting this up was that at some time down the road it would be easy to take off.

Now I had to wait to order paste before we could start. My daughter had zoom meetings for her job to attend the next day so I ordered the paste and decided to wait until the next week. My husband just shook his head. "It's all yours," he said.

I had to make up my mind that if I ever wanted to take this paper off I would be doing it myself!

The day finally came and my daughter was a trooper. We measured and started in the center of the wall by snapping a chalk line and working out to both sides. We did not apply the paste to the paper. I had watched several videos and found out we could apply the paste to the wall so that's what we did. Applying it with a brush first where the wall meets the ceiling and then rolling the rest of the wall with a roller and then applying with a brush along the baseboard. My daughter is 5'2" and I'm 5'4" so it was a lot of reaching on tippy toes but we got her done!

It's a large pattern and the repeat is 20" so we had to match the pattern up before we cut each strip. Toward the end of the project we were worrying a bit that we wouldn't have enough. It worked out fine.

It had been years since I had done any wallpapering and my daughter hadn't ever done any that needed pasting. We really didn't have any problems. It was frustrating at first getting started and figuring out what to do but it all worked out thanks mostly to my daughter and her great attitude!

When it was done and we stepped back to look at it we were proud of what we had accomplished AND we had fun! I'm so glad I stepped out of my box of neutral walls and took a bold step. I'm not sure I will ever hang anything on this wall and I'm not sure I will keep the corner cabinet there. Every morning I come out here and see this and it makes me happy. And that's all we really want for our homes, right? A safe comfortable place that makes us happy!

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