Repurposed Cabinet

Updated: May 8

This cabinet was built by my dad many years ago to hold his rifles. It is solid and well built and made out of oak. Dad has been gone six years this year and we tried giving this cabinet to our neighbor or to see if he knew of anyone who might want it. No takers.

One night I realized that with a few changes I could make the cabinet look like a different piece of furniture and so we decided to keep it.

It wasn't a project I jumped on right away and nothing that we really needed. I'm embarrassed to say how long it stayed right where we left it......empty. This "staying in place" has allowed us time to get projects done and it became almost a "have to" to me to do something with this cabinet during this time.

We were able to have 3/4" finished plywood cut for the shelves at Home Depot then attached small wood pieces on the sides of the cabinet to hold the shelves in place. I painted the shelves and small wood pieces to match the inside that I had painted in Annie Sloan's Old White.

I chose Annie Sloan's Oxford Navy for the outside. Love, love, love this color!

Originally, I was thinking white wax over this rich color but once I got it on clear wax was all it needed.

This paint adheres to metal so I went over the hinges and handles but soon realized that the brass would look great against the navy. I removed the upper handle paint for a pop of brass.

Once the shelves were in it took on a whole different look and purpose. I'm so glad we kept this custom built cabinet of my dads. He would have gotten a "kick"(as he would say) out of how we repurposed it! Now, what to use it for? It's only 10" deep. I thought of folding quilts so they would fit and displaying them there. Tried it but it looked too country for the rest of my home. Just personal preference there. It would be a great place for a whole book collection but we didn't really need it for that. So.... I filled it for now with my Grandma Lottie's china. A twelve place setting set of formal looking china which is a bit fancy for our casual living decor but I love that we have all of it. It's almost a tribute to both of dad and his momma!

I'm sure down the road the contents may change but we were able to salvage this solid piece with a little ingenuity and work and it will probably last for many more years. What have you transformed lately?

Thanks for coming along with me!


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