Entryway Change Up!

Updated: May 8

This "sheltering in place" has me looking at my walls and my furniture and my floors, oh my!

I think I have changed up at least one thing in each room if not more during this "pause."

Here's an easy project that I did in an afternoon. You can use it in an entryway/mudroom or really anywhere for extra hanging space.

I happened to have a piece of white oak in the garage. It is 36" x 10". Perfect!

It was from a project and needed some sanding to smooth out the rough edges. You can take a small block of wood and wrap your sandpaper (I used 150 grit) around the block of wood and sand away. Easier on your hands.

Once I smoothed out the rough edges I wiped down the wood with a cloth to get rid of any residue.

Next, using painters tape, I secured my stencil to the wood. By the way....you really should clean your stencils after each use. Oops!

Annie Sloan Dark Wax can be used on unfinished wood to stain it or, in this case, use it to stencil. A stained stenciled design! I get my Annie Sloan products at http://www.kimsfarmhousestyle.com No different than stenciling with paint! I used one of my favorite stencils from https://www.royaldesignstudio.com "Anatolia Tile Stencil." I've used it many times and love the look. This is a small project so I used a level to line the part of the design up evenly.

Let the stenciling begin! I used an Annie Sloan stencil brush, my personal favorite and just dipped in the dark wax, wiping off excess on a paper towel as I went along. My best results for stenciling are when I apply the paint or wax using a circular motion with my brush. You can go darker in some areas than others. The sky's the limit! Get creative!

Yummy! The pattern is emerging and the dark wax is falling into the natural grain of the wood. I'm loving it so far!

This whole process takes about fifteen minutes depending on how you want it to look but it's pretty fast. Pull up the stencil and behold your beautiful work! Let the dark wax begin to cure for a bit. I waited about an hour.

Next, the hooks! I bought these fabulous hooks last fall on a trip to Madison, Indiana to visit

https://www.oldtymemarketplace.com and I waited until I had an idea for them. It was time!

Because white oak is very dense I had my husband drill pilot holes for the screws. Then on they went. They are huge and curvy and I love that they can hold all the things!

I wanted to make sure this was going to stay put on the wall so we went right into the studs to make sure it was sturdy. I am loving the look! So easy and just an afternoon project!

Here is more info on what you see in the photo. I apologize that I can't think of the name of the father/daughter duo who made the upholstered benches. But they always show at http://www.charmatthefarm.com

we love them!






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