Curbside Service

Updated: 2 days ago

My thoughts were on something totally different that day. I was driving home, almost there, when I passed a house with something very interesting sitting at the end of the driveway. An old sideboard in pretty rough shape. The best part was the sign taped to the front that said "free"!

There were holes drilled through the top and old metal file tools in the top drawer. I imagined someone had used it as a workbench for awhile. " It's perfect" I was thinking so I zoomed home and was back in no time with help to load it in the car.

We patched the holes, sanded the major imperfections (have to have some imperfections😉) and painted it black. It sold!

And this is how it began! The love of old things repurposed. The mix of old things with new things. Collections of old and new together. Old things. New things. A business. Ten years of a fulfilling business mixing old and new. Then.... It was time for that chapter to close.

And here we are. Still loving the hunt for old and new and wanting to share it with you.

Our online shop just opened and we will be adding items frequently. So visit often!

We hope you find something you love!

Until next time!


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