Why We Love Annie Sloan Products

In 2009 we opened our business selling painted furniture, home decor and gifts. The first couple years we used latex paint and occasionally stain and poly finishes. We did this until….. I found a much easier way to finish furniture with loads of options, faster drying time and ecofriendly! Enter Annie Sloan and her amazing…READ MORE

Tales of this Shopkeeper – Revisited

It’s been five years since I shared this post for the first time.  Recently, I was going through old posts and realized that this one, especially, STILL describes how I feel about our business.  Take a minute to read.  I couldn’t say it better myself even after all these year…..  Tales of this shopkeeper  January…READ MORE

Married with Small Business

We are often asked this question…..”how do you two manage to run a business together without killing each other?” Good question and one that we have had many discussions about.  It seems to boil down to this.  We have a mutual respect for each other’s strengths and we enjoy what we do. It doesn’t hurt…READ MORE

Fixing Up

It’s the start of a new year and now that Christmas decorations are put away you may be looking around your home and thinking “this house needs some fixing up.”  For some with unlimited budgets it may be as easy as running to the nearest furniture store and choosing a new fabulous piece no matter…READ MORE

Meet our farm table builder

farm table, custom, builder

It all began with a farm table While visiting good friends last summer, we noticed that our friend, Rudy, had built a huge farm table and bench for their patio.  Over the years at Winsome Cottage we have had many requests for farm tables and once we saw what Rudy could do we asked if he would be interested in building…READ MORE

Happy Sixth Anniversary! – Winsome Cottage

This month marks our sixth anniversary at Winsome Cottage!  While it would be fun to review all the ups and downs and twists and turns our business has taken, we think you will most enjoy some highlights and photos from the past to the present. A very modest beginning…. Our first location at 234 High St….READ MORE

Easy Spring Craft – How to in minutes

canning jar vase

 Enjoy making this easy Spring craft…..here is what you will need….. small canning jar Chalk Paint®decorative paint by Annie Sloan soft wax by Annie Sloan paintbrush moss ribbon twine floral glue gun Let’s get started…. Apply two coats of your choice of paint color to the canning jar.  The paint dries quickly. Next, apply one coat…READ MORE